More than half of Estonia’s building stock was completed during the Soviet era (i.e. before 1991), and it is estimated that 80 percent of the existing buildings in Estonia will still be in use even after 30 years, while according to the theory of the life span of a building, the average lifespan is considered to be 50-70 years. In order to ensure the purposeful operation of buildings during the last decades of their life cycle, it is reasonable for the AAs to pay more and more attention to the preservation of existing buildings through renovation.
Why renovate?
● Renovation ensures the longevity of the building.
● The air temperature in the apartment can be adjusted, and the ventilation system with heat recovery ensures fresh air and saves energy.
● Thanks to modern insulation, heating bills are reduced by up to 75% and the room temperature remains more even.
● Electricity bills are significantly reduced, since the building produces its own energy with the help of solar panels, stores it in batteries, and the joint purchase of electricity helps to consume all the energy produced on site.
● Based on  Estonian experience, renovating an apartment building to energy label class C can save heating energy by 65% and reduce heating and electricity costs by 50%.
● The house will get a new beautiful look.
● Together with the renovation, it is also possible to design the surroundings of the house.
● Also, renovation of the building contributes to the increase of the value of the apartments.

It is worth deciding in favour of renovation in order to keep your living environment and existing buildings high-quality and livable in the future.