Who can apply for support?

– An apartment association located in the city of Tartu can apply for support

• made the reconstruction decision after May 1, 2023.

• has joined the consultant service of the project “Tartu renovating”.

How much is the grant?

• Up to 2.2 EUR/m2 per closed net area of an apartment building, plus 4,000 euros technical consultant support.

• The total volume of the support measure is 400,000 euros

When can you apply for support?

• Support can be applied for from July 3, 2023 to September 30, 2025

How can I apply for support?

• The grant application must be submitted on the Tartu city portal (link)

• Guide to applying for support and requesting payments (link)

To apply for support, the cooperative must have:

• The decision of the AA general meeting, according to which the apartment association wants to start preparing a project for the reconstruction of an apartment building with the aim of reconstructing an apartment building in accordance with Regulation No. 13 of the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure of March 13, 2023 “Conditions for energy efficiency support for apartment buildings”,

• a confirmation that the apartment association agrees to provide data for the analysis of the results of the reconstruction every year from the end of the reconstruction of the apartment building until December 31, 2028.

• All documents must be completed between May 1, 2023 and September 30, 2025

How is the grant paid out?

– The request for payment of the subsidy can be submitted in two parts

• 1st payment after completion of the reconstruction project in the amount of 1.1 euros per net area of the apartment building, plus a 2,000 euro technical consultant service subsidy

• 2nd payment after signing the construction contract in the amount of 1.1 euros for the net area of the apartment building, to which is added a technical consultant service subsidy of 2,000 euros

 How to request a payout?

– In order to pay out the subsidy, an application must be submitted on the Tartu city portal, to which the following documents must be attached:

• a copy of the contract concluded with the technical consultant;

• act of acceptance of the finished apartment building reconstruction project;

• confirmation by the consultant of the project “Tartu renovateur” that the reconstruction of the apartment building has been completed; the project complies with the regulation specified in section 4 of this regulation and/or a copy of the reconstruction construction contract according to the apartment building reconstruction project.