Building structures are assessed and essential particular features of the building mapped. The existing engineering systems are evaluated in extent affected by the new engineering systems built in the course on the reconstruction. The building as a whole is checked. If there are visible damages, their extent and the possibility of eliminating the damage and measures to bring the building into compliance with the requirements are assessed and described.
When evaluating a building, the following is carried out:
– visual inspection, during which it is checked whether the building corresponds to the documentation prepared for the building and an assessment of – the technical condition of the building is given documentation check, during which the existence and correctness of the documentation required by legislation for the building is checked

After the assessment of the technical condition of the building, a report is drawn up by specialists in the field.

The report provides an overview of the technical condition of the building and the requirement for renovation for all engineering systems separately.

On the basis of the report, individual initial design tasks are prepared for the buildings participating in the project, which are the basis for carrying out the design work.